Guitar Hero in Garry's Mod

I’m currently working on a Guitar Hero clone in Garry’s Mod using the Wiremod GPU. This project is still in beta stage, but I would like to get some feedback, so I’m posting it here. If you decide to try it, please post pros/cons, so I know what to make better. :smile:

The controls are currently:
Shift = Fret 1
A = Fret 2
S = Fret 3
D = Fret 4
Space = Fret 5
Mouse 1 = Shred 1
Mouse 2 = Shred 2

It’s a standard Guitar Hero clone, so you gain points for hitting notes, you loose points skipping notes and for shredding with the wrong fret or no fret at all.
The rock meter shows your current score in color (red = bad, green = good) and with a dial ranging from left to right.

To pause, just exit the pod. To play again you will need to reload the E2 and GPU.

It currently has only one song, “Smoke on the Water” by Deep Purple (Or at least my interpretation of the song). - See video below

The GPU is synchronized with an Expression 2 chip (Which, for the record, only plays the song. Nothing else.)

3D :smile:
No lag (Should at least be none, although it might, if your PC sucks)
You are able to reassign keys (To reassign, wire port 0-4 of the data port to your desired fret buttons, and port 5 and 6 to your shred buttons. Don’t touch port 7!)
Wiremod Required!

Please give feedback.

Installation instructions on the page.


Code “Trough the Fire and the Flames” for it and you shall be worshipped as god.

I tried, but the GPU couldn’t handle that amount of polys without lagging to death :stuck_out_tongue:

Only 1 song?

I’m pretty sure that Matte is running songs that’s played by getting an input as a string. I don’t know the name of that method but I saw someone make it on
Most likely he just uses the tones from the large string to make the pallets or wtf you call them.

Should be very easy for inserting songs.

Yeah, this dupe no work for me or something. it plays by itself