Guitar hero model ripping

Well I figured I gave myself the chance to try and rip some guitar hero models like characters I made on World Tour.
Since it is a PC game I wouldnt have to go through the pain of getting a better PC to run an emulator but there were issues.
Not that there are any issues with the Direct X but it ran fine and my models ripped just fine.

But the thing that I need assistance with is that 3d ripper x ripped the whole scene and I opened it with the importer but the textures that were ripped were fine, nothing wrong at all except that they were just made grey all over.

So I scrapped it and moved to Ninja Ripper which had more promising results after ripping, it had the same scene as before as I opened it all in 3DS MAX and I removed all of the objects until I found the model I was looking for but it was in the blue weird shaped material that Bump normal maps have so the whole model was a wavey red blue like it overwritten the textures beforehand.

Do I need to convert the DDS textures at all or is there something wrong with what I was doing?

P.S Not sure if this is the wrong thread or not but move it if necessary.

Kind Regards