Guitar Hero Style Gamemode


Yesterday I was thinking about my second favourite game, Guitar Hero! I think that would be a nice stuff, if there would be a Guitar Hero style rhythmical gamemode for Garry’s Mod. It wouldn’t be the same as Guitar Hero, but the base idea is great I think.

I don’t know if it would be hard to code, I don’t know if it’s even possible. My LUA knowledge is under satan’s ass, so I have to learn some LUA to begin coding this stuff.

I think I will need someone to make models for the scrolling stuff, but it’s nothing, only an idea.

You know, you can make all sorts of animations/choreographs in FacePoser and you can implent them in Garry’s Mod too. So I think we could use these animations inside the game to make the background. I really want to see Gman rocking out to some hard rock music.

I want to know what you think about this idea! Comment and post your other ideas and anything that could help!

Thank you, and sorry for my English! x)

I got some new ideas (I think we can call them ‘game concepts’) about this gamemode!
-The gamemode would contain an RP mode, where you control your character, so you can walk around a city, buying new instruments, looking for bars and pubs to rock out. There are a few RP scripts out for Gmod so if we have permission, we could use them, and we don’t have to code our.
-There would be a map… A BIG one! For example a big city, with restaurants, bars, pubs, guitar shops, and hotels of course. Making this work with an already existing RP mod would not be that hard.
-There are some places where you can show 'em how you rock! You can go to a stage, press E, and here comes that lobby thing that I said before. Other players on the server will get a message, and after they find you, they can join the current stage’s lobby, and you can rock out together!
-If this roleplay-stuff would be possible, admins would not need to limit the server to 4 players only, because there would be about 4-5 stages on a map so more players can stay on the server and rock out at the same time.

Hmm! I think that’s enough, because I’m going too far, without actually doing anything useful. I’m too optimistic, because I will never know LUA that good to code all of these. We would need a great team with at least 15 members I think. Anyways, I began to make some kind of maps for the city, with orange textures and basic lightning. At least, I have something to do :smiley:

If anyone would help us coding, modeling (not sure), texturing, mapping (expert), and the most important: LUA coding, contact me please and your name will be written here. Thank you all who will help!

First shots of the first part of the map: The Pub - (I know, my lightings suck but I will correct them…)

Frets on Fire! :downs:

I know that game and I play that game, but I’m talking about the same idea for Garry’s Mod! I think it would be great to play some rhythmical stuff in Garry’s Mod. :slight_smile:

Not a terrible idea but you may have to limit the servers to like 4 players, as in 4 players in a band.

I’ve been thinking of doing it for months, there’s just a little problem.

I can’t lua code.

Ive already got like three projects going at once :confused:

Care to teach a noob? :smiley:

E: Or actually. What are you working on?

Yes, it’s true. But I have a solution for this too:

When you join a server, you are waiting in a lobby, so you can chat with other lobbyist guys or you can practice to some songs in single. When enough players join, a vote begins, and everyone must vote for a gamemode (just like guitar battle, guitar co-op, face-off, and you know)…

After I learn enough LUA, I’m gonna do an interface for the lobby, and for other screens, so the actual coder will only have to implent features like chat (thats lol because the game already has a chat) and voting (which is easy I think). But I will only make like buttons and windows because I don’t know enough LUA to do anything that’s more advanced…:dance:

EDIT: By the way, if someone has too much time, he could teach me as well.

Well, did you think about the lag? Even a little lag can make you play really bad with this kind of games.

Yes, that’s true and sad!

Either servers and clients will need to have a real fast net to play it lag-free, but better you don’t play with dial-up x)

I think coders can optimize the source a little, to get it less laggy. But I don’t know anything more about this 'cause I’m not a modder or like that…

HalfLife Objective (co-op mission rpg ish thing)
UnderDone (A RP/ RPG, with advanced economics)
The Forest (Randomly generated fun)
SiltBox (Secret)
LAB (User created in game maps, this one is super complicated)
Fiesta (Secret)

Little more then three but you get the idea :stuck_out_tongue:

More on topic:
If you make the strums predefined you could have the majority of the code client side and there would be little to no lag.

This was what I was thinking. Of course, you’ll want to send out usermessages saying if they hit the note or not, which, for the more intense songs, could get problematic and create Net Buffer overflow.

Anybody else got any ideas?

I think we have some time until we do the main gameplay interface.
First we have to get something that we can start improving. Well, the game would be easier, simplier without strumming but I don’t know anything about this. I don’t think that this would lag the game, but… ahh… you’re right! Any other ideas?!

Personally I love the idea, and it is possible, to a certain extent.

If we take the Guitar Hero approach, where people have to manually track the songs, then it’s a pretty damn easy project.

But if we want it so tracks are uniquely generated, ala Audiosurf, then that is completely different, and nigh on impossible in Garry’s Mod without some very unique .dll’s, and then the ability to accurately strip out separate instruments and make a track for them on the fly, well… As far as I know, this something that we haven’t been able to do accurately thus far.

That being said, making a Guitar Hero for Garry’s Mod is a project that isn’t difficult insofar as the coding aspect, but the tediousness of tracking the songs.

Do we have anyone willing to track the songs, and who can track them accurately?

That’s what we need before we even consider trying to make one of these. If enough people want this done, and if people are willing to do the tracking, I could throw something together in my spare time.

gm_bass. For that dynamically generated track touch.


We actually have a module that can do that? Well?

I need to go investigate…

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A ctrl-f of “bass” brings up nothing in the .dll’s section of Lua releases.

Can you link me to this mythical gm_bass’s release thread?

As far as I know, it doesn’t have an official release thread, as it’s not finished yet.

That post was made in the gm_chrome release thread, but I think he misunderstood what gm_bass was for, because I haven’t heard anything about that sort of stuff.

Irregardless, I doubt there’s a way to actually pick out the individual instruments on a fly (or even in a matter of seconds/minutes). I’d say the more efficient means would be just using good old analog brainpower.

If you use GM_Bass, your users would have to have the module too. Else they wouldnt hear it.

I play the guitar, not that professional but I could help tabbing songs.
I think we don’t need to implent the feature to generate tabs for user’s songs… That would be cool, and so hard to make. If anyone helps, we could include this generator thing in the very-alpha release (which doesn’t exist yet) but I don’t know… This might increase lag too. Anyways, a good idea.

EDIT: I mean we could tab the songs manually…

Main post updated!