Guitar Hero Style Gamemode

I just read the main post’s update, and I have to admit it seems to be nice.

I always loved " aimed " RP games, where you have to do something, not only living.

I made a very short map, kind of a bar, a pub or call it anything you want…
It’s made of orange and grey colors, but as we do some work maybe I put on some textures (yay, this orange stuff actually looks cool).

If you want some kind of screenshots, I upload some photos tomorrow. Have a nice day! :wink:

EDIT: FYI it’s only a simple map, no special entities or anything from the gamemode, 'cause it’s not ready yet (unfortunately)
If you can do some mapping, modeling, texturing or the most important: Lua programming, contact me and you became a developer!

It’s time to give this stuff a name! What about something like Garry’s Strings, or…? Is it cool or is it gay? Any ideas?

I’m uploading those screenshots right now. You know, about that very-very small map…
Main post will be edited if ready

I only want to tell you that this is the worst Idea you can have! Did you think about the poor people programming all this? I mean, 7 people means atleast 12 different coding styles. And I think 3 of them comment their code. It would be a really BIG mess!

You don’t need more than one scripter.

Very rarely do you need more than one scripter for a Garry’s Mod project, unless its absolutely massive - and Guitar Hero is not a massive project. The actual scripting part will be easy, compared to everything else that needs to be done.

Assuming that we go with the Guitar Hero RP idea in the OP’s update, and assuming we do the GH part first, then once that’s out of the way, getting the RP element is a piece of cake, though it would actually probably be harder than the GH part.

The major foreseeable problems I can see, development-wise of this game, are as follows:
[ul][li]Clientside A/V sync. I haven’t figured out how you make a constant “FPS” for clientside coding, independent of the client’s framerate. I know it’s doable, for I’ve seen it done, though. (Like in Rambo’s “ReDead”, with the notices - I haven’t been able to decipher how that works, though, yet.)
[/li][li]The actual song tracking/tabbing/making/whatever-you-want-to-call-the-process-where-we-manually-add-the-notes-that-you-have-to-hit process. If you’ve tried making songs for Guitar Hero, Rock Band, or Frets on Fire, you’ll know much of a nightmare this can be. And we won’t have the luxury of a handy-dandy editor unless someone makes us one.
[/li][li]Transferring the required files to clients to play. To be frank, this will be a complete nightmare. Assuming a single song is anywhere from 4mb-9mb, and assuming we don’t include individual tracks of said songs (like a guitar track, so if you’re playing guitar and you fuck up, the guitar part of the song quits playing, like in Rock Band), even ten songs is anywhere from 40mb to 90mb. To be short, this will be a nightmare without a fastdownload. Even with a fastdownload, once we get around thirty songs, the heavy download will deter people from playing.

If we can somehow fix these problems, though, we should be set. The only thing holding us back then is the patience of the team.

It would be alot easier if you just made this into a clientside addon.

Also, the client UI can’t handle that sliding fretboard without a significant fps drop.

Are you some kind of dumbass? Client can handle it fine.

This is an interesting topic, and I think you could pull off something like Audiosurf in gmod, but it would be a huge pain in the ass. You could use gm_bass to generate tracks, but as you know audiosurf does the generating beforehand. You simply analyze the FFT data. As for getting the actual music to the client, there’s a built-in interface for sending files to clients, while ingame, which would be worth exploring. So you could send the next song to the clients while the current song plays.

There are plenty of ideas to work with but it’s a lot of time and work.

I was also exploring this idea for a while, an Audiosurf in Garry’s Mod, (for some reason, though, I was imagining the character cars being grinning gmans - I don’t know why :raise:) but I ultimately hit the roadblack Azu mentions here, and that’s Audiosurf generates the tracks beforehand, whereas we wouldn’t be able to do that.

Unless, of course, we make it so when you play a new song, you have to go through a “real-time buffer”, meaning the song plays through once while the track generates, and then that “cache” is stored and can played at any time, but, that’s not a very efficient method, and it isn’t the right answer.

Now, I don’t know anything about gm_bass, but I would assume even that module wouldn’t allow us to figure out exactly where an individual car is on the track, and whether or not we hit it.

In my opinion, making an Audiosurf would be hella harder than a Guitar Hero, because Audiosurf requires us to figure out how to make it all generate realtime, whereas Guitar Hero we manually make the songs - which is difficult for entirely different reasons.

Quite the pickle, really.

And since he didn’t mention it himself:


Yes, and Guitar Hero requires all the instruments sounds to be in different tracks in addition. (At least for real GH). And what’s to say we can’t generate it before hand? Use selects a song, we generate it, track begins.

Only thing about generating it beforehand is, unless gm_bass can do it otherwise, we’d have to play the song in realtime to generate the track.

But I know nothing about gm_bass, so… :v:

About generating tracks… I think we need to figure out which is eaiser:
-Creating or implenting a module that automatically generates notes (so user have ability to rock out to their songs)
-Manually create tablatures (notes) for each song (users can’t select their own songs)

Generating tracks/notes would be cool, but hard too… There is only one thing that I would not like in that automatic-generation stuff. And that is accuracy! It could easily tab the songs, but it cannot differ guitar (as an instrument) from any other instruments. I hope you understand what the hell I’m talking about. :owned:

Well, you could just set the user’s volume of the song to 0 while it’s generating. I too am curios as to weather gm_bass can do anything that is not real time, though.