Guitar Hero World Tour pack

Ok me and lillwasa has decided to make a World tour pack, now when it is on PC :v:
So we took the chance before someone else, I think and here’s my work so far.
Also I’m having problem with my world tour, I had to reinstall it but it doesn’t. I’ve finished the installation like 8 times. But it doesn’t work. It may work soon though thanks to a little trick that is called: Helping friends :v:
But you won’t see much more work from me in a time.
Well here’s the work. Models are much better ingame than on these photos

Keep it up…it would work great for comics and maybe that one RP map that’s supposed to be a stage or something like that.

Are you going to rop the models? im mean the characters
sorry my poor english

these are really nice models, nice work

This is gonna open alot of oppertunities.

If you get the Skeleton and the Rockubot then I’ll love you till 2010.

Yep, that’s lillwasa’s job =)

Looks good, you should port better guitars tho.

Plz give requests how it should look and I’ll try to make it look that way. A pic would be help enough.

cool. Nice job

can you port any thing from gh:m as well, the zombies would just be ORGASMIC
also can you por tsome more drums and ozzy and zakk wyld. drums sticks too lol

Nice Work.
I Like the Giutar.

For me are simple guitars but could be more cool guitars.

I still dunno how you want a “cool” guitar to look like. If you could get a photo I could TRY to make it look that way. It may not work since GHWT doesn’t got all textures in the world

i like how the purple skull bass’ strings are like, mid bend

That accually looks like a full bend, i know what im talking about! any way relly looks good, i cant wait to down load it!

Ok, I got inspired by the GH3 guitar that I’ve got. So I did my best ingame and then I made it a lot better thx to photoshop and 3ds max. The neck and head stock on this guitar was wood from beginning but I made it a little better so it would look like the Xplorer controller.

A Explorer with a Touch Strap?

That’s something you’d like to strap on.

i modeled a gh2 explorer controller one time:

that was like two years ago though.

keep on porting brah!

Looks Awesome :biggrin: