Guitar Hero!

(Work in Progress / Release with code)

I’ve been working on this for the past month or so, on and off, and I think it’s nearing the point to which I’ll let people have a look.
It still is not finished, however, it does almost everything it is intended to do.


Things still to do:

  1. Optimise!
  2. Starpower. I wasn’t sure how I could implement this, but I’ll think about it. Suggestions welcome.
  3. Replace the center screen with a GPU instead, It would have much more graphical potential.
  4. Modularity, mainly in regards to songs. I want to be able to have multiple songs that can be attached/detached from it.
  5. High Score list.
  6. Scaled notes as they come down the screen and get bigger.
  7. A Rock Meter.
  8. “An array of coloured lamps blinking in your face and Kliener models standing in the background head-banging.”
  9. A way to ‘Fail’, other than just having a low score.
  10. Get AdvDupe working.

Thanks to Masogir and l3ulletje for the Music Player / Tetris song!

That’s awesome, hope it goes well.

Wow this is incredible.

wow, just incredible

E2. What CANT it do?

This song is my new jam.

I shed a manly tear of awesome and win.

chuck norris speed is win

Its impressive and everything, but I think it would be more fun if you actually had to physically jump on the notes

Guitar Hero isn’t the same as DDR. Although… DDR in Gmod would be kind of fun.

Thanks for the idea.

Wow that is awesome, just make the notes bigger… and maybe you could have actual songs by using the sound emitter with songs from the gmod mp3 player (just have a list of songs playable, and the download links for each if the player doesn’t have the song), then if you miss a note it just makes and annoying/failure sound. Also I’m sure you can make Spacebar activate star power IF the note streak is high enough, which multiplies the score of each note by 3 or something, and lasts 10 seconds, and makes all notes blue…
And a headbanging stick figure off to the side with one hand up would be great =3

. . .

my head just exploded from how epically awesome this is

Yeah, this is truly something special, well done.

wow what the fuck




holy shit

More like: GoblinSoul, what CAN’T you do?