Guitar man on the sidewalk.

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I’m not good with editing. :saddowns:


idea is good, but the guitar player looks way too orange


The posing is good, but he’s too orange.


it’s to make him stand out

the effect was achieved

I know what you were trying to do with the desaturation, but the guy is too orange. The colouration of the character needs to be more neutral.

I have seen something like 47 pictures that looked exactly the same.

I think that’s the original color of the picture. Maybe that’s the way it looks on the map with the sunlight. But I would have tried to make it a little more neutral, but still have it stand out. I see where the others are coming from, though.

Very nice posing :).

This is one of the few pictures I’d actually like to edit.

Could you supply the original, amigo?

All I did was take two screenshots, then photoshop the colored one onto the black and white one.

Yeah image is uploaded