Guitar Mentioned On Rustafied....Please Tell Me They Are Trolling

And I quote…

"Acoustic Guitar

The Acoustic Guitar is officially the first musical instrument to grace Rust with its presence. To play, use your primary and secondary fire then look up and down to change the pitch. No details yet on what this will take to craft, it can currently only be spawned or found."


Please tell me they aren’t wasting time with crap like this…please.

I thought that was hilarious when I saw it. I’m okay at this point with them adding different stuff like this. Sure everyone wants more guns, clothing, enemies, and other stuff, but the game is pretty much where Legacy was (or even past) in terms of playability. Now if they had added this 6 months ago I’d be pissed. But at this point let the designers have fun adding different things.

I’ll be entertaining/trolling players with serenades outside their bases with this.

I guess when you put it that way, I’m okay with it…lol

I’m a guitar player myself, of both electric and acoustic(and bass) and to be perfectly honestly, this feels really out of place. Building a guitar takes a shit ton of work and calculations, and finding one in the wild would result in Rusty(:rock:), unusable strings, warped and rotted wood body, warped/bent neck(which would mean you can’t tune it), and possibly even certain diseases if you were to get punctured by cheese cutters(REALLY rusted strings) such as lockjaw or any type of poisoning.

This is something the community could have made when the game is actually more finished, but adding it now seems kind of…well, wrong. The only benefit I see to this is more entertaining YouTube Rust videos.

Perhaps this was added for all the people that complain about having nothing to do when it’s dark outside?

I could see it as a cool thing, specifically like when it’s dark out. By the time I get a nice house built (I usually set up lookout spot higher up/on the roof) I have nothing to do at night, it’d be cool to sit my player outside and goof off with it. Maybe with some teammates, play songs together, or just fuck around with it :stuck_out_tongue:

They are not trolling. A complete waste of space, and useful for nothing other than a passing novelty. It is playable. Here you go, another reason to why you should get on the dev servers.

I don’t see how it’s a bad thing. Rust is much more than just killing and raiding, and having little flavor items like this can help people to realize that.

Besides that, it’s not like them making this detracts from the game itself. Let the devs make what they want to make.

Personally, I love the idea of going around with a guitar at night and serenading people as they are huddled in their dwellings just to mess with them. Or hell, perhaps use it as a distraction tactic for an ambush. Get a guitar player to act as bait to lure players, and ambush them when they get close.

And hell, since we have ponchos now, all we need are sombreros and moustaches for facial hair, and we can have traveling mariachi bands.:v:

this is already one of the few games ppl spend well over 1000 hours playing and this will encourage more diveresty in player interaction and add to the the immersion of the world giving you insentive to stay even longer(next to the lore this was probably my favorite thing about lotro) definitely step in the right direction imo

This is pretty unique. I like it. More of this.

Rusted strings? String instruments back a long time ago used animal intestines wound up. Not going to sound super polished but it got the job done for singing and dancing. Dont remember the name of the instrument off hand…

Drums out of animal hide? I think yes! Rattlers out of human skulls? Yes plz. Didgeridoo out of bear femurs? Yes plz. I want a marching band.

EDIT decided to look it up.

when i broke an E string i just took my dog out back and shot him.

I think its good that they throw in these items from time to time. Its a good reminder that this game isn’t only about killing each other.

remember that car in legacy?

not everything they put in makes it into the main game.

I for one welcome it.Depending on the range of the music,you could draw people to a trap house.

I’m looking more forward to the camera though,hopefully we can save pictures on paper and then leave it in the inventory of people you raided with a buddy in a teabag position.

It can bring a fun element to the game, even in gun battles one might come there and just play a song suitable for it :smiley: it’s good to have some random stuff added as well, same content for so many hours is getting boring.

i foresee my team going into battle while me, the Bard, am singing out loud the song of our people:


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sady the camera is just a way to make better screenshots, not to hang pictures of your raids on your bedroom walls. the camera will just help you to manually adjust focus and depth of field, like a real camera, but just for screenshots :frowning:


the car was a default unity model they enabled to screw around with. this is something they hand crafted. still a huge waste of time when theres so many other problems.

I question the gameplay value added by the guitar and camera. But I’ll reserve judgement for when I actually get to see / use them in game and see what their intended purpose is. For the time being, I see them as being as useful as bone fragments, blood and batteries.

I hope you’re trolling and you realize this is a game; not real life.

WTF… can I smash the head of my ennemy with it? Shooting … EL KABONG