Gulf War/Cold War era US soldiers

These are meant to look like what US soldiers did in the first Gulf War and overall around that time. There are 3 main body models - combat uniform with a PASGT vest, combat uniform without a vest and an off-combat uniform with no gear. There are 4 different head models on each of the 3 bodies with about 12 different skins for them. There are desert camo and woodland camo variants of every model. Also includeded is a MOPP suit model with both a woodland camo suit and a plain olive drab suit. Every model has numerous bodygroups for stuff like gear and headwear. Also included are seperate props for all the different headwear and also the M17A2 gas mask.
Note that the straps for the helmets are part of the main model and are not bodygrouped (this is to make sure the straps move properly when you want to facepose the model), so if you want to use one of the other hats, you’ll need to get the joint tool, and you’ll need to scale down the X, Y an Z axis of the “helmetstrap” bone.


Also download this if you thing the phong is too strong.
(I don’t know yet if the workshop download works, haven’t been able to test it properly yet)

Taggart - providing the models and textures for the uniforms;
Kali - providing the models and textures for all the gear;
Half-Dead - porting and faceposing 2 of the head models that I used;
Ninja Nub - porting and faceposing the other 2 head models that I used.

Great job on this guys!

good stuff

I like this
I like this a lot

Why those spaghetti arms…

Good job on the other stuff though.

I’ve been informed and also noticed that I kinda overdid some of the phong on these that I somehow didn’t notice before, I’ve adjusted it to be less strong now (and also a part of one of the bumpmaps was flipped, I fixed that too), if you thought it was too strong at first download this too:

non-tacticool soldiers in this day and age?




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You did the thing on the vest pockets like I said. This is indeed groovy. :downs: