Gun aiming

Currently while sprinting you can’t aim understandably. What I think needs to happen is when you are sprinting, you should automatically slow to a walking pace and raise the gun when right clicking to aim, without releasing the shift key for sprinting.

Hope the devs read this.

You can’t just let go of shift when you start aiming?

Yes I can, but I just feel that this way would be a smoother, more natural way, especially with those with disabilities.

Personally for me it is not a problem, but I do not see why not. So I support this, however it is up to what the devs think and how it will balance the game. I don’t see a problem with it though.

I agree, the right click to aim should override the sprint function, not the other way around. In this way firing the gun still only ever requires 1 hand. It is subtle but it is smoother. Wouldn’t have really thought about it outside of this post and it isn’t game breaking but it would be an improvement.

I think the reason it would feel more natural is because that’s how it was in legacy, correct?