Gun animation problem(CSS)

I’ve gotten my gun in game the only problem I am having is that the gun wont fallow the hand animations and seems to be stuck in the position that’s in the reference file. I’ve tried unlinking it from the wrist helper but that only seems to spawn the gun behind the players hud.

Any help would would be appreciated.

This is my 1st time animating so I’m sure this is just some nooby mistake I cant figure out.

If you download it from fps banan it will come with the animations

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He made it.

He made it, it was on the WIP Models thread some time ago…

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I give respect to anyone that models on this forum for source, it seems like if you make the littlest mistake it messes up your whole process of trying to get the model in game properly.

Make sure the Bolt Pistol model is rigged to the hand bone.

Indeed it does ¬.¬

Yeah, I have it linked to the wrist control.

That screenshot doesn’t show any rigging :S Only the bone. Try taking one in wireframe mode.

Also what modelling program are you using? (looks like 3dmax)

Yes I’m using 3dmax.

The box is rigged to the gyroscope around the wrist which controls all the bones in the hand. All the bones in the gun are linked to that box.

Hope that makes sense

Nope, I have no idea what a gyroscope is (in this sense) but its probberly where your problem is.

As best I can tell from looking up what it is, its a tool for animating not rigging, rig the gun’s verticies directly to the hand bone (if this isn’t making sense to you i’m probberly not understanding something of 3dmax as I haven’t used it, I use Milkshape.)

I just tested it and linking the gun model right to the hand bone just made the arm models disappear.

Ok that definately shouldn’t happen, are the arm models rigged to the arm bones?

Also more importantly, does the gun move now?

They are weighted to them, yes.

The gun still seems to stay in one position.

Thanks for the help by the way.

Is weighted the same as rigged? (i’m pretty sure its something different needed for collision models, which v_models don’t have).

and np ^^

I think its the same.

Weighting just tells the model how much the vertexes are effected by the bone movements.

Yeah weighting = rigging