Gun Blueprints from barrels

I appreciate there are other threads about this but i wanted to put my request and gripe on the boards

like most other people who have been rushing about barrel hunting on their own the blueprint drops for guns of any usefulness is a bit stupid. the only blueprint of a gun i have found with any degree of frequency is the revolver this is after 6 hours of farming.

i appreciate bigger groups of people all share etc but i think there is a huge disparity between the levels of blueprints and their drop rates. atm there seems to be no middle ground, the middle tier of guns shouldnt be this rare, waterpipe shotgun blueprint for example should be more readily available, eoka pistol again should be more common, then a smaller increment of rarity are the shotguns and perhaps a shoddy rifle like the thomson and then rare as rocking horse the bolt action and the AK

atm everything is rare as shit which is keeping the wedge firmly in place between the stronger richer clans and the trying to establish newbie clans or lone wolfs.

so please re-balance the blueprints of guns so that the lower tiered guns are a bit more frequent so that everyone can get in on the gun pvp and not restrict it to bigger clans.


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also remove the empty barrels, i die a little each time thinking thats a lost gun blueprint roll