Gun bps?

Can anyone confirm which guns have blueprints that actually drop, and whether they were found in barrels, crates, or airdrops?

I have looted a lot of all three and have only ever found the Eoka. Others claim to know someone who have found one, but I have yet to see one in game.

Somebody needs to do a Mythbusters spoof with Rust. (First topic, ‘Does ‘grass’ really have no effect on FPS now?’)

I know for a fact that bolt action rifle BPs drop. Can’t remember if it came from a loot barrel, air drop or rad site though.

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OK, by some awesome coincidence, minutes after my last post, a friend I play with regularly just texted me saying he found the assault rifle BP from a rad house near our base. 500 metal and 200 wood. Not cheap, but damn. We’re in business now.