Gun crafting

As we all know gun crafting is super easy. Also the guns are military grade. I think each part of the gun should be separately crafted and customized. Lets start with customization. When I mean customization I don’t mean custom skins (like in cod). I mean like gun barrel length. If you decide to add a longer barrel on your gun (by adding more metal fragments to this part of the gun). The longer barrel will help with long distance accuracy. But with this your person will be heavier and harder to run. You can also make your own clip sizes. You will need a blue print for clip sizes (or it would be super op)!!! You can also customize the pull weight of the trigger. Also you can customize how many bullets per second your gun shoots (this will need blueprints also) Now crafting. Crafting will be harder. You have to create each part of the gun separately and customize it when your building it. After you are done crafting all the parts of the gun (stock, barrel, action, and frame). Then you put each part of the gun in the campfire. When two pieces get hot enough [you can tell how hot it is based on what color is (light red is good dark red is bad)] you can attach them. Then you will have to wait for the gun to cool down to re attach it to another piece. As you advance you can create them more efficiently [maybe with a blowtorch (blueprints needed to craft a blowtorch)].

  • Sorry if any errors I do not have a key for the game.

I do believe they will have to change the crafting system. By simply making military grade weapons hard to make and add other items like wooden bow and arrow etc.

Btw interesting concept and thanks for your input :wink:

I would like to see this.

it’d make more sense for guns you can craft to be more simple, low tier weapons being muzzle loaded muskets/break open rifles or shotguns, with high tier craftables being pump action or bolt action weapons. military semi-autos/semi-automatics should be rare with a higher maintenance (you have to scavenge for rare parts to replace old damaged internal mechanisms.)

this would make the gameplay rather interesting too, if you have only a single shot rifle you’d have to be rather careful with your shot, especially if you’re ambushing players.