Gun eject shells are errors

On the CSS guns, some toybox guns and some swep guns, the shell casings are errors. HELP!

1: Link to your Steam profile. (So we can tell if you actually BOUGHT Garry’s Mod)
2: Some ToyBox things have models from HL2 (Ep1, Ep2), do you have those?

Most shell casings are CS:S effects. Do you own it? If you do, link us to your profile so we can check.

Also, if you own CS:S, enable the content ingame.

I did that and here is the linky. . .

Try verifying the integrity of the game cache.

Have you installed CS:S? If you have, is it working properly?

Yes, and yes.

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Now everything works except for the player models.

Try deleting your Materials folders in CSS and gmod and Verify Integrity of Game Cache so that Steam will replace the files with the defaults.

A negative effect of this is that you lose all custom skins, but who cares?

Verify intregrity of both games?


WOW, I am dumb. I just realized that because when you run CSS for the first time, it adds all the folders to the game folder. I just found out that since my hardrive crashed, I have not run CSS.


Good to know you found that out and that your problem’s fixed.


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Oh, ok. Thanks.