Gun fire Problem

Hi guys Today ı have problem About Gun Fire When ı update my gmod it start make lag when ı fire a gun but when ı stop lag is gone Anybody can be help ?

Look in console, after you fire the gun is anything printed in there?


This is the same for me and two of my friends as well. I have absolutely no idea of what is causing it, but it’s been happening since the switch to Steampipe. I’m currently on the Dev build, although I’m not sure of what significance this is as I know one of my friends is not.

It’s really noticeable too - every single shot causes lag which is not visible on the netgraph, and is not visible for other players but myself. I’ve only really tried it out on Trouble in Terrorist Town, however I’ll try other gamemodes later to see if this influences anything. An example of a weapon where this is prominently seen is with the Mac10s rapid fire.

Yeah same.

Thought I’d bump this as this is still occurring to me. One of my friends said turning on VSync helped their problems a tad, but it hasn’t helped me at all.