Gun fire should attracted zombie(or whatever the dangerous creatures are supposed to be)

Ive been thinking about it, and i think the only real method of dealing with constant ganking is to force players to make that decision of whether or not firing that gun is truly worth it.

I think if you fire a gun it should attract a zombie(monster) or two… They would arrive and simply wonder the area sort of in a search pattern, and the more noise you make in that area, the more active they become, the more join up with them, even attracting bigger and badder monsters that might take a little more then just your m4 to deal with them.

I just think players should be concerned with attracting the attention of not only other players but the dangerous wild life when they start gunning down players.

hmm sounds interessting.One Reason to use a Silencer

This would be a good idea, but by the time your close enough to shoot wildlife or zombies they can detect you pretty much, and they are planning on removing zombies anyways, but this would be good for the wildlife.

The Question is,why should a bear or a Wolf goes to the noise and dont run away?
Zombies would be interested for the noise,but Animals?hmmm

Only problem I see with that is someone coming around your base and setting c4 or just shooting guns and running off. Then the people are left to defend against the attack. I like your idea, don’t get me wrong just giving another side to it.

Idea for that is,if the Zombies (or whatever later is replaced to) searching for the noise and after a 30 seconds or else if they didnt find anyone,the go back to their old position

Its more so that the attacker feels more sense of urgency, once he gets the kill he knows he has to loot and get out quickly, cant sit there making multiple passes trying to hunt as many players as he can.

Also if he is trying to gather resources in the area, wont he be less likely to pull out a machine gun and gun down any other people without fear of also being locked out of the area because he has attracted a horde of zombies now.

And i was thinking more along the lines of after 3 or 4 minutes they would start slowly making their way back to where every they came from, not 30 seconds.

And yes, it would make silencers more useful and more sought after. So i also propose silencers have a max number of uses like in the game state of decay.

Maybe they could implement some mutant creatures in which have different aspect, as well as looking different. One in which could be to do with blindness, but can hear very well.