Gun is best sword.

usa is dominate

I stopped scrolling as soon as I saw the soldier. Laughed for 5 minutes.

I denounced all religion, beliefs, morals and adopted Americainity because of this comic.

“knife fight?”
“no fuck you”

always bring a gun to a sword fight

Ahaha, awesome.

Somebody give this man a medal.

Have a winner, Sir!

And that’s why guns rock :slight_smile:
Excellent work.

“Americaaa! Fuck yeaah! Freedom is the only way yeah!”

How did I not think of this! Hahaha

America is the number 1

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Praise obamu

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And uncle sam

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And apple pie

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And Mom

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And sweet little mary jane

amen sister praise the lord

What map is it?

Just some minor plop placement on one of the blade symphony maps, I forget what it’s called.

Where did you get that female model? It’s part of an Ipad game I have but I’m not sure if that is the original source.

infinity blade - the body is from there. Extractable with umodel

Ah thanks, that’s where I thought I’d seen it.