gun is gone

so the update goes live, i download, start rust and shoot an ak to see the changes. i switch it with my bolt so see the changes with that and when i drop my bolt on my ak it’s suddenly gone and now my ak is bugged, can’t shoot or aim, happened with my friend too, no one can shoot with it now.

Quick…everyone raid Denied/Pitsji!!

not like i only have 2 guns but yeah …

Sorry man I couldn’t help myself. :slight_smile:

Good luck on figuring this out though.

thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you try to swap the guns by placing one on top of the other? As in, if you had a gun in your inv and one on your belt, did you drag the inv gun onto your belt gun? I did this 3-4 times and kept ‘losing’ guns… Turns out that I actually equipped a gun to a gun XD I’d look at all your guns’ attachments, it may be in there… GL.