gun issue darkrp

I have an issue on my DarkRp server. My guns, from both the spawn menu and shipments, just float and sit around, you cant do anything with them just look at them. What is the solution to this problem, yes i have installed css content on my server, what else should i do?

install css correctly. your host should deal with this.

i dunn have host

So you host the server by yourself, then?


Could be that CSS content is installed in the wrong folder; It needs to be moved inside the orangebox/ -folder.


At least when I last helped set up a dedi, that is…

Try uninstalling css and reinstalling it, if that doesnt work, try a clean install (see link) of Garry’s-mod

How about before you make a thread you read the guide at the bottom of the offical darkrp thread!

How about you link it, Infinity? Not everyone knows where the DarkRP thread (Or the search function, for that matter) is.

To be honest, i am not here to help people that cant be bothered to spend 1 minute to take a look for themself! Who learns if they are all spoon fed?