Gun play in new rust is bad

Make the gun pvp in new rust like it was in old rust. Now it just feels clunky and when you shoot the bullet the fire from the gun takes up half of the screen and Bullet drop in a game like this is bad and boring.

I think it’s better. Hitscan was stupid and made it into a twitch comp shooter.

current style of shooting > old style 100%

hopefully the shotgun slug makes the shotguns usable though, and AR gets to be burst only that way I can use SMGs for automatic guns and pistols if I want to use a cheap/inexpensive gun.

The gun play in old rust was so unrealistic, new version seems to make it a bit more paniced which is what a firefight is like. Lots of smoke lots of dust and noise and lot of “fuck I hope I hit him”

As soon as the latency issues are dealt with, and Rust becomes properly optimized for more computers instead of Just those with Garry/Garry’s team’s specs, the firefights will become a lot more fun.

Right now, there is a lot of server lag, player ghosts, and other weird glitches that can make it next to impossible to kill someone even in melee. Just give it time. :slight_smile:

I much prefer the more realistic approach of the new style gun fighting and the bullet drop. Legacy’s gun play was more twitch-oriented like Counterstrike or a plethora of other shooters. Point the cursor at something, tap the mouse, hit it.

This one actually requires aiming and compensating for bullet drop over range. Much better IMO.

New gunplay is just strange… Bullets travel extremly slow, they are only a bit faster then arrows. Also bullets from thompson seems to have bullet drop exactly like arrows. :smiley:

Old combat was great, skillfull, dynamic and fun - new one feels just strange atm.

because hit scan = skill

The gunplay is very good at the moment. The gunfights are more intense in the new Rust. They need more aiming skills because you need to calculate the bullet drop and the bullet speed.

Try the HV ammo. As far as I can tell it travels faster, farther, and can do more damage (maybe).

nothing to say. Just “Your english is very well”.

New combat is very good, with the exception of the problems brought on my internet lag/unoptimized game aka warping models massive frame drops. When this I’d fixed Rust’s combat will be very fun imo

new combat was kinda stupid for me at first too. but im at that point that i even enjoy it more than before now.

Made an kill with an bolt action on 500m wasnt possible in legacy :smiley:

I personally like the new combat a bit more. Hitscan is horrible (for the most part) and I hope it eventually is completely phased out of games.

People seem to be disappointed with the new gunplay mechanics mainly because the best thing about Legacy Rust (the reason why people still play it) was the very enjoyable gunplay and it isn’t being copied into the new Rust.

I encourage people to look past this and realize that just because the new isn’t the old doesn’t mean it sucks. It’s completely different gunplay when you compare it to hitscan but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun. I was disappointed, I got over it and I really enjoy the new gunplay now, it fits the style of Rust better and it’s a more modern and realistic (and fun imo) approach to gunplay.

In the end it’s still a matter of preference I guess but I feel like some people dislike it because it’s different from what they love, not because they’ve tried it and actually think it’s bad.
The reason I think this is because a thread like this is rarely supported by arguments that compare hitscan to the realistic gun mechanics Rust has now but rather “old rust was best, new rust suckz fix gunz plz”.

hitscan was way too easy, that was boring, max range bolt shots for example were pretty damn simple, now you need to predict where the target will go, how much do you have to raise your crosshair to hit it and so on, it’s much more fun now

Yeah, gunplay is satisfying enough the way it is now . However it will only get worse because of lags. The game as it is right now is a laggy mess,I have all graphics settings set lowest and fps hovers around 50-70 but the second a player shoots nearby, or I use a microphone, or do absolutely anything that isn’t you just looking at your feet, it freezes up, drops fps to 1-2 and players warp all over the place.

The game runs like shit at the moment, do you think it will get better when garry adds even more shit to it?

Youre avatar is Priceless

couter strykes players hate this new mod… and this is great !!!

Yes I do because alongside the “shit” garry adds to the game he’s also improving optimization every single week. And optimization will become a bigger priority the further Rust gets developed.

Remember, Rust is in alpha

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Boring is subjective but yeah I guess hitscan itself is easier but the recoil/sway for example in Legacy was pretty hard to handle which did allow for competition and a big skill curve.
I also like the consistency of hitscan, less randomness in there that can screw you over. I guess it depends on how much luck you want involved in competitive shooting.