Gun Powder Suggestion

Not sure if it’s been brought up before, but the crafting of Gunpowder seems silly to me. 2 Sulfer and 2 Charcoal to make gunpowder, but charcoal isnt used in any other recipes (yet at least). Has anyone suggested making the recipe call for ONLY charcoal but require more of it? Like 5 charcoal for 1 gunpowder? It just seems like a waste having so much charcoal from cooking chicken as well as the furnace only to be thrown away since it isnt used anywhere else. Just my 2 cents.

Nope. Sulfur makes it more work to get so it gets down on ammo availability.

I suppose so, but it would be nice to use it in another application so there’s not so much charcoal just sitting around.

ONLY charcoal? You might as well just have furnaces and campfires give you gunpowder just at a much slower rate.

Gunpowder is a valuable resource and sulfur is what makes it so valuable. If you don’t need more charcoal then don’t hold on to it.

i’d like to see both sulphar ore and wood yield less. like 1: 2-5 yield. because i can make tonnes of gp, and that seems odd to me … unless we can start making primitve grenades and satchels >:D