Gun Powder: What do you get when you combine a medieval gun powered mill with Rust?


  • RUST

= me with way too much time on my hand to learn Blender.

It’s a steam powered motor. You put water in the barrel and the steam powers a turbine that turns the gun powder machine. It’s held up by a skeleton.

How do you even import models into Rust?

Oh, hello, fellow record enthusiast!

These pictures are not imported. I just wanted to give that impression. I use blender and you can adjust the perspective so that it matches up with the angle in game. With the screen shot inside the game all is left is Photoshoping the 3D image over.

I should mention these are royalty free Garry, and my wife wants to move to a country that has good education for our kids. How long do I have to work until I get citizenship there? My main profession is in the health field and I do stuff like this for a hobby, but given the right opportunity I’d make an exception and change careers. ;p

Maybe I’ll give it a try for a concept of mine. Thanks for sharing on how you did it!

I look forward to seeing what you come up with!