Gun "Range" Attribute

I looked on what the Trello site and didn’t see this anywhere, but are guns going to have better bullet physics and range?
I say this because the bullets seem to move at an embarrassing pace, don’t drop, etc. Yet after a certain point they will just stop traveling altogether. You could shoot further with a nerf gun than you could the M4.
Is this planned to be changed and improved, and when would that be?

(Since the entire poll question doesn’t appear, the question is: Do you find yourself hindered by the “Range” attribute to the point where things seem unfair or annoying?)
(The poll is also meant for those players who partake in or enjoy PVP, but feel free to vote either way.)

bullets are instant and have no drop, in terms of hitting things. if you point at someone and click and they are in range, it will land!

but the animation is indeed some slow arcing projectile that doesnt fit with the mechanics.

plus low range is always better than sniping people in dayz

Even if it were true that it were better than DayZ sniping doesn’t make it good. It’s an ASSAULT RIFLE, you would expect to be able to hit someone at least from a decent range.

its would be overpowered and not fit the game if the bullet traveled any longer.

In what way wouldn’t it fit the game? You run around and kill some zombies, get better gear, make a base, all in order to survive in the world. PVP is one of the main aspects of the game, why wouldn’t they try to improve it just a little bit? Besides it really isn’t overpowered. Right now the range is just silly, you have to agree on at least that. If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t like PVP, then of course you will want gun ranges to stay low, but you could also just go to a non-PVP server and not have to deal with it.

The military weapons like the M4 won’t be in the game forever. If they stay, they’re going to be very rare and non-craftable. They’re adding more handmade weapons like a bolt action rifle.

Zombies will be gone completely too, and replaced with some other kind of threat. This isn’t going to be a zombie survival game.

The reason why gun play is so bad in this game is cause its like Gmod. terrible jerky player animations make things hard to hit. This is the only thing that annoys me about this game. look at DayZ you have realistic slow moving good animations. They don’t jerk around you can being a CS player and live in DayZ. now you look at Rust. silly stupid fast moving animations you move way to fast in rust. I just cant take it some times. its like the gun play from Gmod.

Is this post a joke?

No it is not. player animations have a big impact on gun play. Gmod has terrible gun play and I feel garry has taken a bit too much of that over to a game that should be about survival we shouldn’t be able to move so fast with weapons in our hand. I don’t know what is a joke about it.

bo back to Arma then, what i like most about Rust is exactly how the firefights work.

Actually, sometimes I see the player, and when I shoot the bullet doesnt travel to them with no drop at all. So we’re basically looking at each other, with nothing to do except advance.

I’m not going to go back to arma. Im going to state my opinion and just because you don’t agree with it doesn’t mean you tell me to go away. Garry and the rust team want out opinions and i’m giving mine. I think the animations should at least be less jerky and more polished I believe we can both agree on that.