GUN, Red Dead, Wild West, Old West Stuff

I’ve been looking for a classic “Cowboys, Gunfighters and Indians” type set to no avail.
Had anyone found anything from the Old West?

Id like some old west stuff as well.

I support this request.

There’s a bunch of mods out there for the Source engine set in the Wild West. You can always easily extract the content from those.

bump for genre variety.

Next Goal: Civil War and Revolutionary War

Mad Cow’s Weapons come with the guns, plus a bunch that don’t even show up in game, like the tomahawk, bowie knife, Bow and arrow, Gatling, and a lot more.

Can you link me to that version? Mine Does not have those.

And i meant ragdolls and rideable horse and such.

I know there’s nice SWEPS out there.

Well, it includes props for stuff that weren’t coded, for some reason. Just go to his 2.0 Beta page and dl 3.0.

For one, i would love some call of juarez stuff

Call of Juarez, of course!

I knew was forgetting something.

The ragdolls and shit from Fistful of Frags MOD maybe?


PD. [sp]Its a mod of the Old West[/sp]

Neat, Is this compatible with GMOD?

Yes mister, just download the mod and copy the materials/models folders to yer Gmod folder.

(But I would recommend you making it a Addon format incase some of the materials replace your current ones)

oh snap, what kinda stuff does it have in it (character wise)

Go there and check out pics of the maps, weapons and characters.

By the way, if you want to make the maps work just copy paste them on your Garrysmod folder too, but you might see some purple checker shits on some parts(Not always happens).

Ok cool thanks.

Yes this looks exactly what I wanted.

ANything else you’d recommend?

Unluckily I dunno about any other Wild west themed MODs or models from anywhere else, but if I find out about any I will let you know :smile:

Cool thanks!
I’m currently downloading FoF, do you know if it includes Native Americans, Railroad Workers, Law Enforcers, etc.

The pics only depicted some generic Old West townsfolk in any picture that HAD anyone in it.

ddownload the shotgun sunrise mod and port the models


What are some other mods like these? Well Source mods i can easily port stuff from.
anything with Ninja or Samurai?

i done that with golden eye source