Gun request

I don’t know if this is the right forum section because I couldn’t see a addon request section.

Anyways… There was addon on and it was of the gun you first start of with in Half Life 2, and every time you shot the gun the bullet would fly out of the gun and you would see the air around it like if you saw it in slow motion ( like in this video). And also after the bullet fell to the ground you could pick it up with your phys gun.

This wasn’t one of thoughs matrix addons because it wasn’t in slow motion.

I just want someone to remake this addon please.



Physical bullets addon?

Nope that don’t work :[
And I think its a whole different thing all together…

The first gun you get in hl2 is… technically a pistol. The first weapon is a crowbar

Well duh!! The first gun is a pistol & a pistol is a gun…

look harder OP…


:open_mouth: THANKS
Thanks you for finding a alternative to the one that I used…

And what does “OP” mean? I have always wondered what it menas lol

Thanks again :3

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