Gun sights/scopes

The development team went to the trouble of bringing back the p250 pistol so how about something even more useful like a way to aim the guns such as red dot sight or maybe even a scope for the bolt action. Attachments for the guns would be great. The team took the time to develop a bullet system with drop and flight times but there is no sufficient way to aim the guns firing said bullets at longer ranges. This could help rebalance the game by making the bolt action more useful than the Assault rifle at longer ranges. As of right now the ak shoots just as far as the bolt action does for anything you are actually going to hit and has a much larger magazine and can fire faster and is easier to aim. Putting something like a red dot on a Thompson or custom smg could make them better at closer ranges vs the ak due to their low recoil and the red dot would be higher off the gun so you can actually see what you are aiming at instead of yellowish white muzzle flash. I’m not saying copy and paste legacy sights. I think everyone would be okay with new ones for the new game with new weapons.

First of the Community wanted the P250 back i mean like a lot of them, next off why should that have been a trouble for them, and the Last thing is they are gonna release the attachments some day cuz its on theire mind map

this should kinda help you