Gun suggestions (And Gun Flaws)

Currently I’ve realized that a lot of the guns are facing the wrong way. The bullets are spitting out of the left side of the gun as if it’s a left handed weapon. When your character is holding the gun right handed. When if the gun is being held right handed the Dust cover is facing to the right and the bolt ejects the bullets to the right. The reason it ejects to the right is because if it ejects to the left the casing can fall onto your arm. And straight out of the chamber and on to your arm would burn like a bitch. A lot of guns are facing the complete wrong way. M4. Shotgun. MP5 I think is facing the wrong way as well. I thought you guys might want to know just in case you didn’t know. Also with the M4 the Stanag mag contains 30 rounds exactly. Not 20.

The ammo amount is probably because of balancing, and the left-side-on-the-right error exists in many games, it’s usually just for a more dynamic view when using the gun.

It’s an old hold-over from the CS days - the idea is that the guns are more “exciting” and less “boring” because you can actually see the action of the gun when you fire. It’s an artistic choice, and considering most of the current assets are actually not created by facepunch, but rather (I believe) unit assets, it may or may not get changed down the line.