Gun that spits out commands


Snip Fixxed

This would be something more suited to ask in Developer Discussion.

Somebody has already made something just like this (Does the same stuff).

If you ever played PERP you would know what a “God Stick” is, It’s what they use to execute commands via assmod, This is the same thing usable for DarkRP and other gamemodes (I’m pretty sure it would work on TTT and other basic stuff.)

It’s a modified GodStick for other gamemodes made by Sethxi (A friend of mine).

there is a detailed video on how to use it, Works with ULX by hitting R and typing in a command you want to execute; Ex: ulx slay <name> (note: It has to be <name> not <actual playername>).

but please, Don’t go around asking for people to write codes for you. No body is going to do it.

EDIT: This was created a little before the newer garry’s mod updates, It may or may not work.