Gunblade from Final Fantasy 13-2 PLZ!!!!!

Hey guys i am working on this gunblade. But the texture i have is really pixelated and it is hard to see the detail in it
so if anyone can help me make it look better if possible. Also if you have paypal i can give you some money for doing it
But have to make sure the image is the way i want it be for payment is sent
so just add watermark or something to it
here is the texture thanks for taking the time to read this

What do you mean by “it blows” exactly? I’m actually interested in assisting with this, so you’ll have to be a bit more specific.

calm down

updated first post

Requests Section=Someone will help me or do the model I want?

That’s not how it works

The reason people aren’t being kind is because you’re posting this same thread in tons of other sub forums that aren’t the correct place. You need patience. Not everyone has the time to reply to threads. You’ll have to wait more than just 8 hours. That’s not even a lot of time that you have waited. Things take time. Not everyone has time to take a look at the requests section and do things for everyone.

updated first post