Gundam GNY-002F - Just needs to be Compiled

I got a hold of a model from a friend today that i would like to be ported into the source engine for G mod

here is the render of my current set

I plan on making this model public for gmod use

All the Mats are in Jpeg Format, and Import nicely into 3d Max

Holy shit, that looks awesome. I support this request.

Fingers may need to be adjusted for valve fingerposing.

How many polis is that thing?

The poly count of that model must be high.

Polys: 65,466
Tris: 143,190
Edges: 138,493
Verts: 73,996
Objects: 306
Faces: 142,688

And yes most of the pieces come off rifle and armor

You’ll have great problems getting it to compile then, it’s almost impossible to compile anything above 40K polys (beielve me i’ve tried). Try and optimise it down a bit, that’ll help :slight_smile:


That should do it, if the pieces are compiled separately (didn’t see that on first reading ~.~).

What do you need done with it? is it rigged?

It is not rigged… and needs a Single UV map, Right now its a single 3ds project so it would need to be split into said parts, and converted into SMD and compiled for source. Contact me via PM, and ill set ya up

idea… if we split it into like 100 parts (anything that moves is a part) then it would compile nicely

I think i have gotten another model from him, now we have 2 gundams, ill post of render of it soon

I kinda wanna see this done,
but moreso the RX-79 one first.
Still epic though.

as a note for anyone looking, i have not gotten any offers yet

That’s because It’s only been a day.
Sometimes a reply can take a week to come.

You probably haven’t gotten any offers because the tri count is so high. How many tris is it without the shoulder/gun things (because those should be separate models).

I’d do it, but only if you’d retopo it to be under 40k triangles. I can bake normals/textures from high -> low if you don’t know how.

That’s one sweet model. Is it possible to turn something like that into an NPC somehow? That would be amazing. :smiley:

the plan is to make it into about 10 parts so it can be built using what ever methods the user has

i would really like to know how you actually compile a model for source please

You aren’t gonna find that here. You’re better off googling for some tutorials online.