Gundam models [found some! need converting.]

Found 'em all here. Search for Gundam.

I know there’s a lot of people wanting Gundams in GMOD, so hopefully someone can muster up the courage to convert and rig these all! [and maybe make them life-sized ingame. Maybe make one set life-sized, another human sized?]

My requests from this site are anything from Gundam Wing, Gundam Unicorn, and thaat’s about it.

Super Support!

Support as well but the link takes me to a login screen.

Or maybe this will work. Seems like the site likes to take a while, sooo.

EDIT: Just went to the site, that’s… new. Didn’t show that when I first went there.
EDITEDIT: Translated the page, they’re upgrading their site at the moment.

Gundam in Gmod? Hell yes. Support. I can’t convert models, but I’d love to see it done.

Support, especially with goufs and zakus

fukk yesss!

supporting this shit!