Gundam models?

hey guys I was wondering if somebody can do mech models from Mobile Suit Gundam?

if you can, I mostly need the grunt suits to be made like the GM, and the Zaku II.

There was an old dead thread that had a person doing a ground gm and a zaku, but idk if that person is still making them.

here are pictures i hope they help

rgm 79 gm:

Zaku II:

please can anyone make them? if you can i would be grateful

sorry for gigantic pictures!!! i dont know how to change it sorry guys

oh and for the size they are about 18 meters in real life

the granddaddy of all gundam:

There’s an MMO that was based around the Gundam series. I’m pretty sure there are some models that have been ripped from there, but I can’t remember which thread it is that I saw them in.

ya it was from universal century gundam online(ucgo) i was talking about that thread, but the guy stop showing his wips so i guess he stopped makeing them :frowning:

Yeah, I remember that thread too. I could’ve sworn I saw a few of the models released on this site, but I guess I was mistaken.

In any case, I support this.

i support this

I see no Gundamn Wing models :frowning:

ya im trying to request the minimum so it would be less work for people who are willing to make it.
but gundam wing was the series that got me into gundam :smiley:

anybody willing to do these badboys?

Same here, Gundam wing got me hooked.

the good old days

ahh yes operation meteor. Damn you Zechs!

anybody willing to do this?

I have ones from Gundam Wing but the models are huge and are composed of over 160,000 polygons and have no textures.

anything is good man! u should still release them, textures or not they are still Gundams and i would be really be greatful if you will. :smiley:

Ok here is what I have. I don’t know where they are from or who made them but enjoy.

omg thanks man! i appricate that! i would hug you right now!