GunDealer jobs

My friend got a server but we dont know how to make it so that gun dealers can sell weapons/shipments and sell them can someone tell us how to do so

So you are asking how the Gun Dealer can sell shipments?
He should be able to do that? Or maybe I’m reading your question wrong.
Please define it more, I understand it as he can’t sell weapons/shipments, but he already should be able to do, unless you downloaded your DarkRP somewhere else than this:

Please reply with a more detailed question.

No, we can not tell you how to.

Because its way to easy to figure out yourself.

My gun dealer cant sell weapons from the f4 menu as they are not there, there are only shipments

That’s no reason not to help him, better off just saying no.

That said, I don’t remember how to do it myself, it’s been years. But I do know that the gundealer script has a small tutorial on how to add entities - just look around in the gamemode’s files, it’ll either be in the scripts or lua folder. Also, google it, with DarkRP’s popularity, I’m sure there are solutions online.

It wasn’t that hard to do in 2009, and these things tend to get more user-friendly with time :smile:

Please…GrumpyTarget, leave DarkRP alone, it got violated with thousands of addons by too many peoples…
It’s just sad.

So… what’s broken? Shipments are all you need.

I think he wants it so they can sell individual weapons. Not everyone wants to spend $1000+ on a box of 10 guns.

ya i want them to sell single and shipments

In gamemode/darkrp/gamemode/addentities.cfg change all the weapons “seperate = false” to “true”

if you do that, Everyone in the server will be able to buy the single gun.
I dont know how to make them only Gundealer tho… tells you everything about adding weapons and shipments etc.

no, not if you enable restrictbuypistol