Gunfight in abandoned grave.


Oh Shi-
I love it.

Is this on Flatgrass?
Mega-Epic Picture.

a grave is very small, hard to have a gunfight in there. just kidding you should chage the title.


Looks great!

Who parked a bus in the middle of a graveyard?

you mean graveyard right?

Yeah, a grave would be kind of hard to fight in.

Which idiot decided to drive a bus through the graveyard!?
No respect for the dead anymore I tell ya!

Oh the pic? Yeah it’s good, good posing, editing and camera angle.

Great scenebuild.

First thought: Awesome.

Second thought: Awesome.

Third thought: Wait what the fucks a bus doing in a graveyard?

Looks awesome. Reminds me a bit of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

very well edited, posed and planed out