Gunfight in Foggy Forest.


Shouldn’t the turret be firing or warming up?

It should be firing. but Im so lazy so I didn’t edit it . sry :smiley:

ill do it if you want me too.

Wow thanks XD

Here is the original:

Nice posing and editing.
Although the turret would be better firing.
and… your back!

Reminds me of that one zombie game called autumn war.

I hope this doesn’t look too bad…


nice, but it needs some blur…

yeah, too sharp for the pic.

=P looks like they’ve got a flame thrower on top of the jeep

Where did you get the M9 with the slide back?

I think he got it from here

not sure, that’s where i got my magless weapons

I like it, very well posed and the position is nice. Only thing i will say is the muzzle flash is a bit off, perhaps increasing the lighting or more yellow to emphasise it a bit more.

You shouldn’t make your fog so white and solid. Also, when you’re upping the contrast and stuff the fog starts to glow really brightly, which looks out of place.