Gunman about to be killed, and Get on the ball

I know, the laser light looks like shit, it would be greatly appreciated if someone whos familiar with photoshop could link me a guide on how to make it look more real, i couldn’t find one.

And, Get on the ball! The hands look a little akward.

why is there a plasticman there?

Um Plastic man

Eh, pose is not to bad, exept on the last pic, the guy who is rasing his arms looks stiff.

Someone must’ve just got dunked in a vat of lube.

Oh and there are clipping issues.

First pic, guy in brown shirt, really shiny.

The shinyness is just his model. And yeah, second pic, his hands are really weird. But overall, on the first pic, how is it? Most of my poses are bad, and I think that was my best one yet.

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Coincidence, or stolen idea?

Stolen idea? That’s been going around forever, dude.

Are you serious man?

Billy May’s fingers are posed to hell.


Same goes for those horrible models

Yeah the second idea is stolen the first is strange why is there a mudmen lying on the ground?

I think its the models texture its self

Try not to use the CSS weapons. Try to find some better models.

the second idea is stolen… the second idea is stolen…

this has been done about a 100 times now, the guy in the video “stole” it from another person, too

Yeah, second pose is from the movie, i didn’t spend that much time on it, it was just a bonus, thus, billy’s fingers are badly posed. The shiny guy in the first one, the one i focused on, is just his model texture.

Just don’t do half assed. And just don’t POST half assed.

Plastic man? lol.