Gunman Chronicles HUD v2 (Remade from scratch)

Have you ever played Gunman Chronicles from Rewolf? I made a HUD from it like 2 years ago and I thought that it needed some serious work (it was pretty ugly and bulky, I understand why it went from 2,155 to only 277 subscribers). So I would like to present you…

-Health meter with heartbeat.
-Armor meter with armor bar.
-Ammunition meter with images that tell you what ammunition is your weapon using.

v2 features:
-Remade from scratch
-Numbers are now icons: No more font download
-Improved texture quality
-The show magazine function resembles more the HUD from the game
-Custom loading screen (on first spawn)
-Small hud option available

(The workshop post is very old, I don’t think it’ll get much attention, should I reupload it as a new addon?)

Looks pretty cool to me. First?