Gunnanmon's Simple/Advanced Jet



  • Emphasis on low lag; as many props as is reasonable have been parented or no-collide anything-ed (major parts are left unparented to keep realism)
  • Highly precision placed, balanced, and finned props for smooth, level flying.
  • Dynamic changing flight response depending on speed.
  • Capable of reaching 1820 speed at level flight
  • 2x gun pods.
  • 4x my advanced lead-collision missiles.
  • Retractable landing gear.
  • Sound effects for engine, wind, and landing gear.
  • Zero visibility cockpit (you don’t see any cockpit when sitting in the seat)
  • Afterburner
  • 100% controlled in seat (pod controller)
  • Fuel system
  • Refueling system

The release includes 5 dupes, each one with less parts for those who are lag conscious:

  • Full (Everything)
  • 2x (Only 2 missiles)
  • No Missile (Guns only)
  • Slick (No weapons)
  • Bare (Extremely slimmed down version: No gear, no missiles, no dynamic flight, less sounds, no fuel system, two thrust levels, and a GCX cannon mounted on the nose.)

For controls, see the instructional video below…

UPDATE 19Apr09

  • Fixed problem with hydraulics not being initialized and screwing everything up.
  • Engine has been recentered to prevent pitching on afterburn.
  • Engine model changed for better thrust directing and look.
  • Tail fin and elevator rewelded to stop slight roll.

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and i think it is nice looking

Isn’t speed cap around 1300 or osmething ?:frowning:

Theres a mod to make it higher you know

What’s that addon called good sir?

The landing gear looks nice, and I’m interested about the zero visibility cockpit.

Hmm, inspires me to make a simple but kickass fin control surface fighter jet.

Haven’t you already?

-the kickass.


aura are you on drugs

The cap is something like 1850.

Phys_max_velocity_ or something similar is a command to change it

No the default is 2000…

Looks good Gunnanmon, is there going to be any sort of fuel system? (just from the looks of the picture)

How are the dynamic flight controls going to work?

Since a lot of people are asking about a fuel system, I suppose it could put it in.

The dynamic flight controls work by changing the response of the aircraft depending on its speed.

In other words…
Fast: agile
Slow: sluggish

The fuel system would be really easy to put in.

… I’ve got some ideas for a refueling system as well.

Add in height, (compare to a gps on the ground if the gps coordinates are fucked as a result of bad mapping) and angle of the wings and you’ve got yourself a nice system!

Also you brought this plane by sax’s some time ago. It was pretty sweet. Also, I’m thinking of making an aesthetically simple plane like this, as long as the flight is good it doesn’t really matter how it looks once you’re in the cockpit. Nice job, and come by sax’s more often.

I would LOVE to come by Sax, but its never working for me. I’ve been going to Gluttony, and official Wiremod server #1.

i got to gluttony too :smiley: whats your name in gmod? mebe i has sawed you =