Gunplay and Gun Balance in Rust.

For the past few months I have only been playing Rust Experimental, and its pretty good. The devs are doing a good job in bringing it to baseline. However recently I went back to play Legacy, and I noticed that the gun balance and the overall feeling of guns is so much better than it is now. Right now, you die way to fast from guns, especially the Thompson and AK. Even if you don’t die, you will probably bleed to death if you don’t have any bandages. I think that they need to tone back the damage on some of the weapons, especially with the really high rates of fire like on the AK. You don’t really have time to fight back. Also, I don’t really like the feeling of the guns, the iron sights on the Thompson and AK are kinda meh for me, they could be better, however I hate the idle sway on the guns. Its really annoying, the devs definitely need to tone down the idle sway a bit. On a good note, I actually like the bullet drop, because it adds a bit more skill and people who master the bullet drop will have more of an advantage. However it definitely makes long range sniping harder, but that’s fine. I also really like the rusty look of the guns, the military guns in Legacy, while they worked and felt really well, just really did not fit in with the over-all theme of Rust.

That’s just my opinion on the gunplay and gun balance in Rust, feel free to share your opinion down below.