Gunplay Revamp? (With GIFs)

So relax, brah.

I was playing some insurgency and I realized, This game probably has some of the best gunplay I’ve ever experienced. I was thinking, what if we took some of the elements from that game, and brought it over here? I do NOT mean make every weapon accurate as hell and have zero recoil. Those things should still exist but we need to make it feel good and less broken

If we can take a moment to consider how choppy the combat feels now, we can come to an understanding that we need to change it for the better. There’s a few things that Insurgency has that I personally feel RUST needs:

Loose Aiming:

Description: Allows your gun to ‘lead’ a bit before you actually move and turn. This is great for not only helping with accuracy, but also keeping your actual camera from going crazy due to recoil. Finally, it feels more organic instead of staying stiff as well as giving Laser Sights an actual purpose. :wink:

**Pros: **

  • More natural feel
  • Better aiming
  • More skillful (More challenging)
  • Recoil doesn’t fuck with your cam as much.


  • There really isn’t any, other than people being used to what’s already there and complaining about it later… But honestly, people complain about everything nowadays.

Proper Sights:

Description: Only the scope itself is zoomed in, not your entire screen. This not only feels good, but looks far more natural. Not to mention it gives you the benefit of using your peripheral vision.


  • Better aiming
  • Allows you to keep a bit of your situational awareness
  • Looks natural
  • Mimics real life: Soldiers always aim with both eyes open.


  • Again, this is really just a plus, I honestly cannot think of anything.
  • MAYBE a limited FOV? But honestly, that’s a good thing. Would cut down the vision of the sniper so… That’s a plus for the other guy!

No Tracer Rounds:

Description: Just like it says, Remove tracer rounds. Let me explain: Tracer rounds were designed for one thing, to help the shooter hit his target. So my argument is this, I’d rather not know where a shooter is and him have a harder time hitting me, than to know where the shooter is and him already know where he needs to place his next shot. There are plenty of other methods to help notify players that they are being shot. For example, blur their screen and make a loud ‘crack’ sound when bullets fly by.


  • Allows players to shoot without having a pretty line drawn to them (Muzzle flash should still exist)
  • Makes it harder for people to aim, giving nakeds a chance to escape
  • Makes it harder for snipers to MERC lowbies across the map.


  • Makes it harder for you to MERC lowbies across the map.
  • On occasion will make it a bit harder for you to locate your enemy. Though, it can still be done due to the muzzle flash of the shooter and where the bullets land. (Trust me, I don’t need tracers to find my target. I’ve played enough Arma. :wink: )

NOTE: I still feel Tracers should be an option. Toggle tracers for one day, you’ll see the difference in the community.*

Finally, RECOIL:
-Full Auto-



Description:** Currently, tapping doesn’t exist the way it should. Yes, we can tap our guns, but the recoil is WAY to crazy even then. The player should be rewarded for tapping their trigger much more than they are. Of course, going full auto with an AK should result in you losing your target.

  • Allows for better shooting
  • Makes gunplay less frustrating
  • Feels more natural
  • Loose aiming keeps tapping from becoming OP!


  • Players become more accurate, but if tracers are removed and loose aiming is enabled then this problem is eliminated naturally
  • Someone with good trigger discipline will be a larger threat… But that player could be you as well.


  • I want guns to have a healthy amount of recoil still, but not too much like it is now
  • I’m not saying follow this game to a T, but to find inspiration from it and make it work with RUST

Your process is well thought out,however,one slight thing.
Everything you pointed out was based on Insurgency and “it’s” mechanics.
This is Rust. It is not meant or intended to have the mechanics you desire.
In essence, your on an island with minimal resources. However, with a little ingenuity you are able to use mismatched parts to create items more useful to your survival.
I have never played Insurgency at the same time I have seen older discussions here on this subject matter.
It was agreed by most that “tech” is not and should not be a part of Rust and that looks like pure tech

lovely. would hopefully make people opt for more tactical gameplay and less dumb gunzerker-type assaults.

No offense, but I knew someone was going to say exactly what you did and with all due respect, it’s a flawed argument. I’ve even stated it in the bottom of my post…

Quote: “- I’m not saying follow this game to a T, but to find inspiration from it and make it work with RUST”

These mechanics would work absolutely fine with RUST and would do nothing but improve the game. I don’t see any angle where this would hinder it at all.

And what do you mean by Tech?

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Whether people understand it or not, this game needs something like this. They will hate it all they want until it’s added, then they will pretend as if they were never worried.

What you stated at the start about the gun leading was literally just removed. ‘lazy aim’. It was added and then removed. Vast majority of us hated it.

Also tracer rounds also exist for a squad leader to pick targets. Tracer rounds should be expensive and optional.

I highly doubt that. I know a few people probably complained the most and they had to do something to shut them up.

If anything they need to take another shot at it and attempt to make it more smooth and enjoyable.


From what I’m reading, a lot of people LOVED it in legacy but they didn’t like it in the newest update. Probably because it was so low. Gary just needs to say “Fuck you and get over it, it’s not going away.” People will learn to deal with it.

while i think youre idea is good in general i wouldnt like to see this in rust. to be honest.

What does this have to do with most of his post anyway? the scope part is just about realism because you won’t put your whole eye in a scope , you keep a certain distance and actually see around you, tracer rounds again what does that have to do with the scraped parts on an island?
the first part with loose aiming I think he’s referring to the lazy aim that was removed a few patches ago, correct me if I’m wrong.

They removed it just before adding the laser sight which is pretty derp. Also, you could move the gun way more than your gif before the screen would even budge. Felt so sluggish.

i like all this. more realistic and hard to play add then all yeaaahhhhh

Yeah if they add it right it would make this game so much better.

Completely agree, especially re the scope mechanics, this annoys me in quite a few games.

I like these ideas. The lazy aim was removed, but it can be reworked. It was making others sick. I really like the other 3 ideas. I wonder if the unity mechanics will work like that.

Honestly, that’s my favorite thing in Insurgency. Something about the scopes feels great.

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Almost any game mechanic can work if it’s done right.