Gunpowder is making me fall asleep in my chair

Please make a gunpowder bench that can be loaded with raw materials (sulfur, charcoal) that makes GP, it can be at a slower rate, fuk make it cost more if you want, sitting in ur house for 2 + hrs making GP is not fun.

Maybe garry can add another machine kinda like the furnace, all it does is infuse charcoal with sulfer to get GP. But you need to fuel it with wood. And you probably have to find the blueprint for the machine.

anything would be better then sitting there for 40 + minutes to craft a single explosive charge

you dont have to sit around when you are crafting.

That’s what the night is for, crafting GP :slight_smile:


It takes approximately 17 minutes to process a full stack of sulphur into GP. Start as the sun sets and at sun rise, your GP is ready. And it takes another 100 seconds to process those 500 units of GP into explosives.

Soooooo. tedious…

this time should be reduce when and if they bring the workbeanch in the game like in legacy.

I don’t get what the problem is. I queue up 100-400 gp and nothing prevents me from going out. I use this time to get some more resources.

I can understand on a busier server where chances of getting killed when out in the field are high that a person wouldn’t want to go out when crafting GP. Sulphur has become a rather rare commodity. It would totally suck to lose that stuff. When crafting high value items like GP and explosives, I tend to do it at night and never venture out too far from the safety of my base just in case.

Really they just need to re-balance the time it takes to make gunpowder. You have the opposite problem with the ammunition where it is crafted pretty much instantly.

I’ve got mixed feelings about this. It does take a long time and prevents you from doing anything, unless you’re willing to risk losing it all.

I question whether or not the intent of this game is to focus on crafting and building rather than exploring and interacting. Is it really meant to be about hoarding or basic survival?

With current mechanics and balances, after a couple of weeks, you tend to become a hoarder whether you want to or not.

I have to agree with the OP - the crafting is not what bothers me, since there is not a speed debuff similar to what is implemented in Legacy. The problem is that it takes up the the entire length of the right bar, ruining part of my peripheral vision, and it causes tiny little distractions every time the que changes.

Shit like that gets you killed, and then you wasted your time. Not a huge fan.

It takes 2400 seconds to craft gunpowder for 1 c4.

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So it’s more than 40 minutes crafting…

True. I guess I fail to understand what the point is once you’ve hoarded. To keep other people from getting the stuff you have hoarded and don’t need? What’s the progression?

c4 is supposed to be expensive, (both on time and resources), otherwise everyone would be running around with c4, and it would be pointless to build anything!

c4 should be a “luxury” that you only craft when your base is locked down and you have 40 mins to work inside your base, it shouldn’t be something that anyone can whip up after 5 minutes of playing…


At the moment, there’s no much. It’s pretty much a case of “whoever has the most shit accumulated when the server wipes wins” kind of thing, I guess. But we must also keep in mind that currently Rust is just an alpha framework. There’s really very little “game” here atm. The game we’re playing now may now be representative of what the final will be.

See below…

Right here is the reason it should take a long time to craft the most powerful weapon in the game. Why would the top tier piece of weaponry be something that’s basically just handed to you? Rust isn’t a welfare simulator where things are just handed to you for free because you think you’re owed something. To get the top end gear, you’re expected to work for it.

I like the idea of something being hard to achieve, a “luxury item” if you will.

But, we are in 2015, and nobody likes repetitive crafting menus for 15 minutes.

Surely, there is a better way.

Make the c4 require something else ultra rare, etc.

I don’t mind, and it shouldn’t be an item that’s easy to get. I just plan accordingly and do stuff around my base while I wait, or get friends to help make it in batches.

In theory, this is a good idea. However, in practice (basing this on any other PvP game with said ultra-rare resources), usually what ends up happening is a larger, organized group will end up controlling the source of said rare items much like larger groups are walling off rad towns in Rust. Then they end up being the dominant group and no one else has access to said rare resource.