Guns are in Stomachs

Hey guys, really need some help here.

I’ve googled this issue and even contacted my server provider and nobody seems to be able to help, that’s why I’m here.

For some reason on my TTT server, all the guns are floating in the players stomachs, instead of being held correctly

I have already checked that:

  1. The server has mounted CS:S correctly

  2. It is not any addons, I disabled all addons and the bug still persisted

  3. All weapon SWEP.HoldType vars are correctly entered.

Any idea on what could be causing this?

I’m thinking one of my SWEPs is overriding it somehow but there aren’t any SWEPs I’m aware of that should cause the weapon to be in the stomach.


Sounds like you have installed pirated CS:S content on your CLIENT.

Nope, and the issue is for all users on the server, not only myself.

I would redownload your server files and then add your addons back one at a time. Has this just started now, how long has your server been functioning normally?

Have you edited any other files? For example, any in the terrortown gamemode folder?

If you have, but you don’t remember which files or what you’ve done in them, then take Skatehawk’s advice and redownload the server. Copy all your cfg files, addons, and any custom lua files so you can just paste them in again easily.

I have edited a few files, but none that should have affected anything to do with playermodels or weapons whatsoever, only the scoreboard.

Also, if this helps at all, one of our T weapons is not in the gamemode/terrortown/entities/weapons folder, it’s only in the addons folder, and yet it works. It’s not in the stomach.

I tried adding all of the other weapons, including the stock ones, to the addons folder to see if that would fix it, but it did not.

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Update: It appears to not affect any non CS weapons. The poltergeist also works normally.

It appears that only CS:S weapons have this issue… but I already contacted my provider, and they told me CS:S is mounted.

I also have it installed, as do all 5 of the people on my server who are experiencing this issue.

Do the players that have weapons in their stomach have different player models that are not default ones?

I had something similar. Double check the mount.cfg file and see if the path is correct by clarifying it with your provider. My provider for my TTT have 2 paths. One for the US host, and one for the UK host.

CS:S world models are shipped with GMod by default. The only reason it would break for you is if you would override the CS:S world models with the ones from actual CS:S, which is what happens when you install pirated CS:S content.

This is a CLIENT problem, not a server problem. If it was a server problem, it would happen to all of your players, not only 5.

Most gmod server hosters install CS:S by unpacking a zip on addons which has another folder with CS:S content.
As I say that there must be like zips in places which users can download and install, as that may be what’s happening, cause there a a lot of faggots that don’t have CS:S and then start complaining about it not working or something (happeneng to me a lot lately, and I’m fucking sick of it).

Dude, he just said that ALL 5 people on the server were experiencing it. So let’s double check this, because I’ve not heard of a crotch gun bug served side before…

By all 5 of them experiencing it, do you mean they all report seeing the guns in crotches, or do you mean you see them all with guns in theor crotches?

I’ve personally seen this problem (But i cant fix it). But im pretty sure its that the player sees guns in other peoples crotches. Weird topic btw XD