Guns are way too easy to get.

We are seeing alot more emphasis on more primitive weaponry lately. With the clubs and the swords and the maces and crossbows and all that. This is awesome. It’s going to make early game alot more fun.

The problem is, these new weapons and additions don’t matter, because once you farmed enough barrels to get a gun, you will hardly ever use them.

It’s way too easy to find guns and mass produce them. Guns are not a valuable commodity, something to treasure. The only time they are is when you don’t have a gun BP.

Not to mention, making guns from scratch with nothing more than some metal and some cloth is ridiculous. It should be harder then that.

There are a couple solutions to this, however:

1: Make it so guns can only be obtained by finding them in radtowns or buildings or just out in the wild (barrels until barrels get removed).

2: Make the crafting system alot more intricate and make building guns a lengthy and expensive proccess.

What do you think?

I tend to agree with this. Nothing worse than coming online after a wipe to find peeps with Assault weapons already

I would be fine with a bit more expensive price for the guns to craft 'em. However, I don’t like the idea just to get them from barrels, radtowns and creates.

I think it would be too hard if you wouldn’t be able to craft them.

frankly this could be solved with a previous post by gary. saying that bps might become steam id bound. then no one will be at a disadvantage when moving server to server. yes you would have to get all the bps your first time through the game but after you had them you would never be at a disadvantage again.

The thing is that almost every person have their own opinion about the accessibility of items and such, that the only thing that really can be suited for that is a modded server.

It’s not just guns; c4 and rockets.

Yes, it’s a survival/pvp game, but seriously.

Maybe the ammunition and explosives should be something that super rare.

There was a post awhile ago, about making crafting way more intricate and fun. To get high level guns, you needed to take down a caretaker.

It would be really cool if there was a ton of challenges you need to overcome to find or build a gun, instead of it just being a grind.

So basically make it almost impossible for a solo player to get guns? So solo players will have no guns and have to fight big groups with guns?

You can play for days grinding solo and never get a gun blueprint.


Where do you get that notion?

It’s harder for everyone to get guns, but it’s also more fun.

Solo has just as much of a chance to get guns from a radtown, or a barrel (for now, hopefully barrels get replaced), or an airdrop. They can ambush players and take their guns.

Of course, right now it wouldn’t be suitable. But when we have all of the new weapons, and when radtowns and barrels get improved, this would be a great addition/

Right now, gun BPs are very hard to find if you play alone. And, some of us are not that good attacking players with guns when we don’t have any.

You kind of missed this part of the vanilla solo experience when you said:

This is not true at all when you start on a server alone: “It’s way too easy to find guns and mass produce them.”

If you want to make less guns themselves drop in barrels, that might be good.

Guns are easy to get if you have bp, and they should be easy to get.

If you make it harder, the game becomes all about grinding valuable resources and trying to protect them all the time. Currently, it is about gameplay. Nothing in Rust lasts a long time so it is only logical that you get your guns in a short time and enjoy the game, instead of having a more materialistic gameplay.

The game is moving more and more towards a first person arena shooter and away from survival. I had fun with rust and might try again in a few months but I am more interested in a game that has a challenge. A challenge that the game provides, not dependant on who is on the server at the time. I will stay with 7DTD for now. This direction for rust is a bit much for me, guns everywhere no sign of a PVE threat and auto cannons! Enough is enough

How about making it so you have to craft the different bits of a gun before being able to do anything with it?

Guns are to easy to get —> everybody runs with ak
Guns are to hard to get —> only clans are running 24/7 with ak

I think we need a compromiss.

frankly this game is becoming to dependent on grouping together for raiding for my taste. i have always been a solitary player.

if only clans get guns that leaves everyone is at a disadvantage except the clanners.

if everyone has weapons you bitch about it being to easy.

if care takers are put in how are you going to get a gun to take them down? with the current concept of the care taker having mini guns for arms is any indication even if you had a gun they are going to be a challenge.

i would rather everyone had a chance in pvp than only one side having a chance. so i am all for either steam id having bps on it. or guns being easy access.

the only reason people want guns to be hard to get or clanners the only ones having guns is so they can have a advantage.

i would rather have a fair fight than just killing unarmed opponents any day.

I and all my friends, have only purchased this game for raiding, with out the explosives there would be no point for us to play.

The reason rust is so popular. And has so many servers…is because of the shooter aspect…the fun…if u add more hardcore survival elements…and make everything harder to craft…require other components that are harder to find…goodbye to half the population. The game is already grindy enough…servers wipe…u get raided…u lose ur stuff one way or another…dont make it tougher…we’ll be sitting in our bases the whole time afraid to go use a gun cause we dont wanna lose it. In a server with low pop…cause all the good players will just go play cs

I think when they add these new industrial buildings they will bring in the refined metal as well, and make the guns require it. Also refined metal will only be available from the quarry. I think thats a good start.

Increase gun prices 2-3X and make BP’s more rare. Problem solved.

Once they start expanding a server’s longevity to more than 1-2 weeks, they can start slowing down the tech progression. That isn’t their priority right now which is why everything is easy to get. Give it time, this is an alpha and nothing is set in stone yet.