Guns don't wanna work for me :(

Recently i got Gmod 10 it’s been going great i made a bunch of stupid little rockets and airplanes… so i decided to add some mods a lot of them work great but, some of them (id say about half) give me errors and A LOT of the guns don’t work…in the options i see them and double click and nothing happens… It seems like im the only one that’s having this issue so maybe i’m missing some important update or mod ?

any ideas will help i really wanna use those guns! (:

Updates probably broke those mods.

What did you install, and from where?

I installed a number of mods from
including gun mods that don’t work :stuck_out_tongue:
do i need to have cs ?

98% likely, as GMod revolves around CS:S

haha alright, thanks man…ill go buy it now

btw which version do i want ?(sry absolutely clueless gmod noob here)

CS: Source.

There may be other stuff that guns may need; for example, maybe the guns you have depend on yet another addon which you don’t have (like how the Goldfish bomb in SBEP depends on the Nuke addon; if your guns are explosive, then maybe they need GCombat).