Guns, Fire, and Steel

the hell are “lightleaks”?

Zoey’s posing couldn’t be any less dynamic

The model’s hair on the forehead really screws it up. You could use the smudge tool to get rid off the jaggies there.

Explain “dynamic”.

in short, it’s the complete opposite of “stiff, emotionless, lifeless, unexciting and casual”

i’ll make a quick illustration, gimme a sec

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your figure and a few i might have used. clockwise from top: hacking away and keeping at bay, pure rage, finesse

and the last one portrays what your pose seriously reminds me of. she doesn’t look like she has just swung the thing. why? she’s too relaxed. when people slash or hit with a weapon they do it in a wide arc, especially so if they’re attempting to cut something in two, and a quick action like that needs some muscular tension. that’s the key, tension. not relaxation. relaxation is boring as fuck. tension equals ACTION, MOVEMENT and EXCITEMENT. that’s the opposite of boring and that’s the key in scenes depicting combat. adrenaline flows, and there’s movement, action, ripping and tearing. Zoey’s posture here looks more like she’s about to slash with the machete, not like she already has, because she’s too relaxed. she’s not 100% into it, and believe me in a situation like that ANY human with a basic working survival instinct and the Flight-Or-Fight system set to Fight for 7 days a week is going to be TOTALLY into what they’re doing and what’s happening around them or they’re gonna be stone cold DEAD. humans want to survive, not get eaten by zombies, unless they’re wimps and not cool. there’s rage, despair, adrenaline-fueled craze and every and any mix of those three. pose your characters accordingly.

Well I admit that swinging poses are not really my thing, I will keep that stuff more in mind if I do another in the future. Just wish someone had pointed that out before I did all my editing. Honestly I thought it looked fine before but now I can certainly see it lacking some energy.

looks like someone’s been playing DR3, eh?

I think it’s a good attempt at a difficult pose. On a technical note, you definitely want to screen your muzzle flashes instead of erasing the black with airbrush.