Guns Firing Squares? Help Appreciated

I’ve Got Quite An Annoying Problem
Sometimes When I Load Up Gmod Something Goes Wrong So Whenever I Fire My Gun (Half Life 2 Guns Are Ok) I Shoot 3 Big Black Squares.
So Basically Any Counter Strike Based Swep Or Gun Shoots 3 Big Black Squares (I Own CSS). After A Day It Leaves And CSS Guns Are Fine.
If anyone knows the resolution to this it would be greatly appreciated.
Re-Installed Gmod. Nothing Happened.

Sorry If Its Confusing How I Described It <3
And I’m Also New Here So Yeah. Not Sure How I Set Things Out

You Might Need To Re-install GMod.

Tried That, Nothing Happened :confused:

Any Other Ideas This Problem Happens Once Every Week. Please Help Me :slight_smile:

looks like an issue with sprites, check to be sure your running in DX9, and check if the error is in CSS

How Do I Check These?
I’m Not Good At This Stuff

checking if your running in DX9 requires you to go to the your advanced video options in GMod
checking if the error is in CSS is just playing CSS