Guns glitched inside of peoples chest?

Why do my guns appear like, in someones chest? and not in their hands… TTT gamemode.

Re-validate your gmod and css files, run Garry’s Mod on dev-branch.

Could you please elaborate? I’m new to this… how would I re-validate my servers gmod and css files? (Assuming you mean my server files)… and running it on dev-branch? Would this break anything? o.o


First, start up CS:S, then exit. After which, right click on it in Steam, click properties, and in the second tab, there should be an option that says “Verify integrity of game files.” Click that, and wait until it’s finished. Then, do the same for Garry’s Mod. You really shouldn’t have to opt into the dev branch to fix this.

Oh, so this is just a problem with me? Clientside?