Guns Guns GUNS

Hello everyone My name is Vlad, and Nickname ZETey.
My hobby; games and guns!
I want to offer you my ideas about weapons that should be added!
Staple gun
good-looking …

Russian Guns (Confiscated from bandits)
this is nice


also Russian

That’s what I want Me

P.s If who liked, I’m happy =)

one cant help but marvel at the level of ingenuity present here . if i were to pick a few that would be of note they would be:

the 5 barrel , the smg and the hybrid ak-m16-pdw thing.

honorable mention to the pulse rifle

The pencil crossbow gave me a laugh (admin weapon) These all look perfect for rust.

These look pretty fun to run around with…ingame. :wink:

Crossbow best weapon for admins
name Uber[School]Crossbow and he will shoot hammers =) with the inscription BAN

In the first part of a computer game «Aliens versus Predator», when the Impulse Rifle “M41A” end all the ammo, she can wield as a cudgel, holding it by the barrel.
[video][/video] unless someone here remembers that game
Sound (Impulse Rifle)
[video] [/video]

Great looking weapons!

Nice to see the ol’ pulse rifle from Aliens at the end there, what about the Smartgun? :smiley:

0_o and have someone kill of Smart Gun? Rabbits and chickens?

Zombie aliens.

But they must be very many
You played in the survival A.V.P?

Ok i find this =)

A new bow-type weapon would be great,like a crossbow of sorts? A high recoil-low damage sniper riffle?

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Hell yes! Add a camera as a starter hatchet instead of a rock and this weapon! Make them look-a-like and begin ultimate trolling.

Yes! These are exactly the kind of guns that should be in Rust.

i know

i have to say, these guns look impressive and totally unstable but look powerful


I don’t know. I mean it can be really hard to find rocks and wood… Where do i mine for grinders and drills and welders and lathes and milling machines? Maybe it’s easier to open a box, and wow look a brand new m16 + acog. Now to go kill all those naked homeless machinists that moved into the next valley over…