Guns & Kevlar should cost more

I wouldn’t like to see the M4, MP5 & bolt action removed from the game but I really think these type of weapons sould cost more.
Right now It is really east to gather enough resources to craft these guns.
I admit durability was a good idea in that case but I see alot of players just crafting new guns instead of reparing the old ones.
maybe creating the gun parts before crafting the whole gun is a good idea… (Lets say 3-4 parts per gun).

Kevlar should also cost more, Right now aloooot of people are running around in Kevlar as if it was jeans & T-shirt.
I would really like to see weight effects when wearing kevlar so maybe those how prefer to be more nimble in pvp situations will go in leather.

and one last thing… maybe if we can craft a slingshot rocks will finally find a purpose… :slight_smile:

C4 is the problem, not guns lol! Everyone has c4 and everyone WILL raid your completely impossible to secure base. Its so goddamn easy to get c4 and explosives, takes 1 or 2 days on almost any server. And then it’s just a case of making enough to blow through any base. Provided they themselves don’t get offline raided before they can offline raid the other people.

I agree, but disagree… I tell you why.

You actually need 30 low quality metal to build an m4… You need about 40 low quality metal to build a metal house…

Dude, that M4 you carry would already weight a ton if you compare the amount of resources you need to build one. :eng101:

It is unbalanced enough at the moment. Lets wait if you sooner or later will need high quality metal and an advanced workbench to build weapons.

do you remember when a set of kevlar + M4 w/ Holo was only 500metal fragments?
Thuesen207 Remembers…